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  • Security and General Services Division
  • Enforcement and Intelligence Division
  • Research Division
  • Preventive Drug Education Division
  • Supervision Division
  • Pusat Al-Islah

Security and General Services Division

The main responsibility of this division:
  • Oversees general operational requirement, including procurement of equipment, communications aide,  armoury and fire arms and general security.
  • Secured storage of firearms and seized items.
  • Oversees general maintenance of the office building, equipment and staff quarters.
  • Coordinates lectures, trainings, meetings, seminars, workshops and attachments locally and overseas.
  • Oversees the maintenance and safety of the Shooting Range.
  • To coordinate random urine screening on students, civil servants and employee of private firms.

Enforcement and Intelligence Division

The main responsibility of this division:
  • Raid and Arrest
  • Investigation
  • Prosecution

Raid and Arrest:
  • Conducting raid and arrest of suspect, seizure of drugs and any article liable to seizure.
  • Conducting surveillance at designated areas.
  • Patrolling the waterway.

  • Opening an Investigation Paper (IP) and Doket Files on reported cases.
  • Conducting interviews on arrestees and suspects.        
  • Obtaining urine samples from arrestees and suspects for analysis.
  • Gathering, analysing and dessiminating the information on drug related activities.

  • Preparation for prosecution upon receiving consent to prosecute from Deputy Public Prosecutor.
  • Conducting prosecution on cases under the Misuse of Drugs Act, Intoxicating Substances Act and Poisons Act.

Research Division

The main responsibility of this division:
  • Research works
  • Statistics
  • Security Vetting Information Technology

Research Works:
  • To conduct research works on current drugs of abuse.
  • To prepare reports on arrested persons, drug seizure and NCB Annual Report, Country reports, etc.

Information Technology:
  • To administer the Departmental Local Area Network and computer systems.
  • Responsible in the everyday administration, training, planning, creating systems, maintenance and purchase of computer equipment.
  • Statistics compile data on arrested persons and drug seizures for computerizing periodic statistics.

Supervision Division

The main responsibility of this division:
  • Supervision of drug abusers

  • Conduct supervision programmes on identify supervisee.
  • Conduct interview on supervisee, random urine test and blood samples.
  • Conduct spot check at the residence and work place of supervisee.

Pusat Al-Islah

The main responsibility of this division:
  • Rehabilitation of drug abusers